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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Massage therapy is a terrific way to help reduce the aches and pains of pregnancy.


It also helps your body to adapt to all the structural changes it's making, assists with sleep, helps deliver more nutrients to your baby, and so much more.


Why PREGNANCY Massage Is Good For You

10 Reasons


Why Pregnancy Massage Is Good For You

10 Reasons


Pregnancy Massages Help You To Sleep

Is pregnancy making your tired- but you just can't sleep? It seems unfair that when you need sleep the most, it escapes you. Pregnancy massage can help to restore your natural sleep patterns.


Shorter Labour & Reduced Pain Levels

Studies have shown that women who receive regular massages experience labours that are on average 3 hours shorter than women who did not get massaged.


The same study showed a reduced need for pain medication for the women who had had massages.


Massage Helps You & The Baby To Get Better Nutrition

Massage increases your blood circulation, which is good news for you and the baby. Fresh oxygen and nutrients get delivered more efficiently to your cells, providing better nutrition.


It also helps reduce varicose veins, a common pregnancy side effect.


Lessens Fluid Retention & Swelling in the Joints

When you're pregnant you produce more blood, which puts pressure on your lymphatic system. This can result in swollen ankles and sore legs or joints. A good massage can reverse this problem.


Massages Will Calm You Down

If you're feeling stressed or anxious during pregnancy, massages can induce a sense of calm and relaxation because they work on your nervous system.


Ease Your Lower Back & Hip Pain

Pain in your lower back or hips is an unfortunate side effect of pregnancy. Your body produces relaxin, a hormone that softens your ligaments in preparation for childbirth.


However this also means that you can strain your back or feel tension around your hips. Massage will help with this.


Massages Make Baby Happier

Massages work on your endocrine system and its associated glands, which stabilises and reduces the stress hormones going to your baby.


Helps Prevent Premature Births

Because massage reduces your cortisol levels, it results in less activity in the womb, and a lowered chance of premature birth.


Helps Relieve Shoulder & Neck Tension

You will be leaning over a lot once baby has arrived, so a massage will prepare the area that is likely to get the most strained.


Supports Your Breath & Increases Oxygen Flow

Massages help to soften the muscles around the lungs and thoracic area, which in turn results in more oxygen for you and your baby. This will help during pregnancy and childbirth.



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