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Sports Massage


Myotherapy treats soft tissue injuries and restricted mobility issues. It relaxes your myofascia, which is the tough tissue that surrounds your bones and muscles.

If you feel like you have knots in your back, neck, arms or legs, myotherapy is a powerful way to release them.


Our therapists can combine Myotherapy with Remedial Massage, or focus exclusively on myofascial pain.



Why Myotheraphy Is Good For You

10 Reasons


Myotherapy Reduces Pain

Myotherapy works on trigger points, that are clinically proven to improve muscular contractions and increase motion whilst reducing pain in the local area.


Myotherapy Improves Posture and Motion

Some people develop bad habits when standing, sitting, walking or exercising, and these can develop into pain or trigger points over time. Myotherapists address your underlying issues, in order to remedy suffering and help facilitate improved movement and posture in the future.


It Helps With Injury Rehabilitation

Myothrapists treat the biomechanical mechanisms that underpin injuries. The treatment has been clinically proven to help with rehabilitation.


Myotherapy Helps Prevent Future Injuries

Myotherapy frees your muscles to move better, which helps your body to move the way it should. This will help you to unlock your strength and core stability, which will also help to prevent future problems.


Helps to Delay The Onset of Muscle Soreness

Acute muscle soreness is the burning sensation that you can feel after a hard workout. It is caused by small muscle tears in your muscle fibres. A 2017 meta-study showed that people who got a massage within 72 hours of working out experience a significant reduction in this type of pain.


It Reduces Stress and Anxiety

When you feel stressed, you naturally tense your shoulders and body as an instinctive response. This can even trigger areas that have pre-existing knots. Myotherapy reduces your negative feelings by stimulating your natural supply of seratonin and dopamine. It also helps you to unwind and remove the areas of pain that can occur through excess tension caused by anxiety, leaving you feeling blissed out and nicely relaxed.


Assists With Pain From Fibromyaglia

Fibromyaglia is 'regions of pain' or even 'widespread pain'. For some people, their brain over-reacts to the sensations of pain, whilst others experience ongoing pain that drains energy and emotions. Myotherapy is a great way of releasing trigger points and soothing specific areas that are causing issues.


Myotherapy Helps With Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis

A 3-year study demostrated the powerful benefits of massage on people with cancer in managing pain, nausea, depression, anxiety and fatigue.


Myotherapy relaxes and removes pain points for everyone, and is a powerful, non-invasive remedy to mitigate the ongoing side effects of cancer and multiple sclerosis. It improves quality of life and mitigates the draining effects that these illnesses can have, both physically and emotionally.


Myotherapy Improves Sports Performance

Myotherapy improves sporting and exercise performance by increasing blood flow to the trained muscles, which brings nutrients and oxygen for optimal performance. The reduced recovery times and increased movement also result in improvements that translate to better workouts, training and preformance in competitions.


Sea Beyond Massage services Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and Eastern Beaches, including Maroubra, Coogee, Bronte, Bondi, North Bondi, Belleview Hill, Tamarama, Paddington, Randwick, Rushcutters Bay, Darlinghurst, Queens Park, Centennial Park, Surry Hills, Matraville, Dacyville, Malabar, Little Bay, Rosebery, Alexandria, Mascot and Zetland.

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